About the CoE

cropped-coe-logo1.pngWe chose our name after a group of rabble-rousers in revolutionary France who tried something wild to make the world a better place. They didn’t succeed, but we think they had fun – especially picking their awesome name!

Equality and justice are painfully absent in every aspect of the world, and movements to build them are often meet with ridicule, scorn, or hostility. But instead of succumbing to the shame, we propose conspiring.

We’re not an activist group or part of a specific social movement; rather, we are cultivators. We host parties, share crafts, plant seedlings, and, now, host a podcast all in the effort to give people alternative spaces to build friendships and practice healthy and equitable ways to love each other. We are interested in celebrating struggles, and the continued existence of resistance despite the odds. It’s a relatively new effort for us, but living as we do in a city that can feel quite cold, even in its best organizing spaces, we think it’s work worth doing.