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All our episodes contain spoilers. We actually don’t believe spoilers are a bad thing, and if the story needs you to be surprised to be worth reading it’s probably not well written. But, then again, we might just be snobs.

Episode 1: Octavia Butler – God is Change

This is our first episode, and it’s … rough. No other word for it! We were trying things out and it ended up being structured very differently from the next ones. We also just kinda jump right into a discussion without really explaining the books themselves, a problem we fix going forward. The books we read here are Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents. We forgive you if you want to skip this one, but you’ll make our hearts happy if you stick it out because we think it still manages to get to some interesting stuff

Episode 2: Marlon James – On Violence

Trigger warning – deals with slavery and post-colonial gang violence in Jamaica in often graphic ways. Books here are A Brief History of Seven Killings and Book of Night Women

Episode 3: Zadie Smith – Race, class, and friendship in neoliberal times

We love Zadie, and one of us loves her a little too much. Book talked about here is Swing Time, but we’ve also read all her other novels and occasionally make some references.

Episode 4: Ursula le Guin – Can we be Estraven?

Ursula le Guin passed earlier this year and we lost an amazing voice in radical science fiction. We hope our discussion can do at least some small justice to her immense intellect. Books here are The Left Hand of Darkness and The Word for World is Forest.

Episode 5: Reading for decolonization

In this episode we explore reading Indigenous literature in Canada/Turtle Island as settlers and what it can mean to read towards decolonizing ourselves and the land. Books here are The Break by Katherena Vermette, Birdie by Tracey Lindberg, and A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage.

Episode 6: Writing the Moment

For our last episode of 2018, we take a look at two books by British author Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2007) and Exit West (2017). There’s a lot hidden in these two short works, including what we think can only come from a profound love of human dignity.